Due to a fire on July 13th, Freed's Fine Furnishings on Sturgis Rd is permanently closed.
Freed's has moved all furniture to our sister-store, the Furniture Mart, in downtown Rapid City at 430 Main St.
All of Freed's flooring has moved to their brand new store, Freed's Floors, located next to Shop-ko in the old Office Max building, at 1825 Haines Ave.

Area Rugs

Areas rugs add a great accent to any floor, adding interest and style to all rooms. In addition, they separate spaces, provide a focal point in large rooms, and unify a mixture of styles. They are also a great sound barrier on hard surface floors. We have a large selection of in stock area rugs and we can special order area rugs from a wide variety of companies. Come in and see what we can do for you.