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Creative Carpeting Creative Carpeting

How one carpets their home has drastically changed in recent years. The trend used to be carpet in every room– even bathrooms! Now, the trend is all hard surface flooring – hardwood, luxury vinyl or ceramic tile. Carpet is being used sparingly, if at all, in the home. However…Read Full Story >
Rachael Ray Furniture Collection Rachael Ray Furniture Collection Comes to Rapid City

Freed’s Fine Furnishings has proudly launched Rachael Ray’s home furnishings in our newly remodeled showroom. Yes, the chef, turned talk show host, turned pet food magnate also has a line of home furnishings.Read Full Story >
rapid-city-window-treatments-blog The What, Where, and Why, of Window Treatments

Windows are the funniest part of a home—you pay such close attention on how to put them in to achieve the most natural light and the best view, and then you cover them up with window treatments.Read Full Story >
Farm-to-Fashionable2 Farm to Fashionable

We live in the beautiful Black Hills, a place where we have a desire to bring the rustic outdoors in to our living spaces. But how do you pair beautiful rustic surroundings with contemporary touches?Read Full Story >
 rapid-city-beds Once Upon A Mattress

Hibernating in my warm, plush, cozy bed is all I have really wanted to do this exceptionally frigid winter. What about you? Beyond being a safe haven from plummeting temperatures, your bed is the place for one of the most essential tasks in life: sleep. Fifty-eight percent of Americans report they get a good night’s sleep three days a week or less. Is this you?Read Full Story >