Creative Carpeting

Creative Carpeting

How one carpets their home has drastically changed in recent years. The trend used to be carpet in every room– even bathrooms! Now, the trend is all hard surface flooring – hardwood, luxury vinyl or ceramic tile. Carpet is being used sparingly, if at all, in the home. However, we at Freed’s Fine Furnishings and Furniture Mart think carpet is an excellent way to make a bold and dramatic statement. Carpet is a wonderful way to enhance your hard surface flooring or completely change the look of your space. Carpet trends are more interesting than ever; patterns and colors are splashed throughout our showrooms and can add the perfect punch your room is missing.

Let’s start with colors. Who needs 50 shades of beige carpet when there are 5,000 shades of colored carpet available?

Do something unexpected in your home by featuring a bright colored area rug. What is there to lose? Area rugs aren’t permanent, they add texture and color, and they finish off a room that is full of hard surfaces. At Freed’s, we are re-defining the way you shop for area rugs. We proudly feature the full Nourison area rug line. We have over 500 carpet samples that can be turned into area rugs of any size. The best part? You can check out the area rugs and take them home to ensure the color and pattern is just what you are looking for before you commit to a purchase. After your style and size selection, we order the area rug and it arrives in less than two weeks.

The hottest trending color we are seeing in area rugs and wall to wall carpet right now is blue. This includes navy blue, royal blue, indigo, cerulean, and robin’s egg blue. Blue is a wonderful accent that pairs nicely with many colors. Blue goes well with whites, grays, beiges, and browns. It even serves well with oranges, yellows, and greens. Also, blue can be a very calming and organic color to add to your home.
So what happens when you throw in a pattern with your colored carpet? Magic. Magic, is what happens. For those of you feeling risky, now is the time to install a patterned carpet wall to wall in your home. Master bedrooms, offices, basements, and media rooms are still ideal spaces to install carpet. These are all rooms that you want to feel cozy and comfortable. Now you can add style to comfort by choosing from hundreds of patterned carpets available.

Patterns can be as bold or as muted as you like. Loud statements can be made with contrasting colors and patterns in addition to looped and cut carpets (loops and cuts affect the height of the carpet and define patterns). Conversely, tone on tone patterned carpet (featuring lighter and darker colors within the same color family) is a less dramatic but beautiful way to add some interest to your room.

At Freed’s Fine Furnishings and Furniture Mart, we have over ten Flooring Specialists with decades of experience that can answer all of your carpet questions. In addition, our Flooring Specialists are available for free in-home measurements, estimates, and complimentary design. So what are you waiting for? Add some color, pattern, and design to your home, with colored and patterned carpet from Freed’s Fine Furnishings and Furniture Mart.