Farm to Fashionable

Farm to Fashionable

We live in the beautiful Black Hills, a place where we have a desire to bring the rustic outdoors in to our living spaces. But how do you pair beautiful rustic surroundings with contemporary touches? That’s exactly what Freed’s Fine Furnishings did for this home office.

In this home, the office is primarily the husband’s domain. He is from a farm/ranch in Eastern South Dakota and loves hunting and the outdoors. The wife of the household wanted to see a space that would reflect her husband’s interests but also flow with the transitional design of the overall house.

To achieve this, the interior design team at Freed’s Fine Furnishings started with a bold, navy plaid carpet. It feels masculine and is also a throw-back to a more classic plaid you would see in the farmhouse the husband grew up in. As you work your way up, the walls are a chameleon of a color: a warm gray that works with all hues.

The furniture in the room is on trend in color, boasting weathered-gray wood. The weathered-gray takes on a more industrial look with a concrete top on the desk and a sliding barn door on the credenza. The anchor of the room is a complete surprise: a white leather, swivel chair that is as comfortable as it is interesting. The chair is topped off with a pillow that incorporates silvery, glam colors with hair on hide and is paired with a slate-top martini table to the side. The slate an obvious nod to the rustic elements of the overall space.

Once the foundation of the room was set regarding flooring, wall color, and furniture, our focus as a design team went to lighting, accessories, and truly unique finishing touches. Regarding wall art, we decided to feature a mercury glass deer image. Mercury glass is an extremely popular accent trend right now, and seeing it coupled with a buck makes for a distinctive picture. The desk lamp in the room is a simple Edison bulb light – something you would find sitting on a farmer’s work bench. The overhead light is also an exceptional piece; it is five wagon wheels welded together.

The husband really wanted to bring aspects of the family ranch to his office in every way he could. This was certainly achieved by the wooden beams set in a cross pattern on the ceiling. The beams are from a dilapidated barn on the family ranch and are over 100 years old. The ceiling is soaring at 12’ and the beams were a perfect addition to help bring the height of the overall space down.

Window treatments also played a huge role in this space. Striking, white Hunter Douglas Silhouette window treatments cover the majority of the expansive windows. These windows are capped off with raw-hide window valences. The window treatment manager at Freed’s simply picked a raw-hide and formed it in a natural pattern so it appears to drape over the window. The best part? The hides are affixed to the windows with metallic shotgun shells. Rustic touches are definitely in the details.

Although this office space is more rustic in style than the rest of the house, Freed’s made sure it flowed into the overall interior design of the home, incorporating the slightest rustic touches throughout. Another piece of the 100-year-old beam was used for the mantel, and rustic leather with hair-on hide barstools were used in the kitchen.

We hope the design team at Freed’s can help bring a little rustic to your space. Freed’s is here to help with flooring, window treatments, lighting, and furniture. The homeowners feel the home office is a true reflection of their taste and that is what Freed’s can design for you.