Once Upon A Mattress

Once Upon A Mattress

Hibernating in my warm, plush, cozy bed is all I have really wanted to do this exceptionally frigid winter. What about you? Beyond being a safe haven from plummeting temperatures, your bed is the place for one of the most essential tasks in life: sleep.

Fifty eight percent of Americans report they get a good night’s sleep three days a week or less. Is this you? What do you attribute poor sleep to? Stress? A busy work/personal life? Time constraints? Have you ever stopped to think how your mattress and are affecting your quality of sleep?

Mattresses and mattresses, mattress bases, and pillows play an integral part in a restful night of sleep. In a recent survey by the Sleep Foundation, survey responders noted the following five elements as the most important components for a good night of sleep: comfortable mattress, comfortable pillows, comfortable sheets/bedding, cool room temperature, and fresh air, free of allergens.

In addition to feeling rested, a good night of sleep has numerous positive effects on the body. During sleep, waste product that brain cells make is whisked away as spinal fluid pumps more quickly. Your heart rate reduces and gets a chance to slow down. Muscles get a chance to relax and replenish. Sleep is crucial to your health and to preventative care.

Good sleep all starts with the right mattress. Freed’s Fine Furnishings, and its sister stores Furniture Mart and the Ashley Furniture Homestore, each carry full lines of mattresses aimed at your different sleep preferences and health needs. However, do you know what mattress is right for you? Let’s break it down:
Foam mattresses, like Tempur-Pedic® and Serta® iComfort® mattresses, are an excellent solution for people who suffer from arthritis and chronic aches and pains. Memory foam contours to literally every curve of your body, eliminating all pressure points of contact between you and your mattress. Not only does this help alleviate pain, it minimizes tossing and turning and helps diminish partner disturbance.

Inner-spring mattresses, like Serta® Perfect Sleepers and Mattress 1st mattresses, are a more traditional type of mattress, which you are likely familiar with. They are made of numerous, individual spring coils, which are encased by foam. The more springs, the more support. Inner-spring mattresses generally sleep cooler and come in all levels of comfort: firm, plush, or pillow top.

Hybrid mattresses, like Serta Hybrid® mattresses, are a new kind of mattress that combines memory foam and inner-springs. Hybrid mattresses are ideal for aches and pains, partner disturbance, optimal support, and they have special cooling gels and breathable sides that keep the heat from your body temperature regulated.

Along with the correct mattress, comes the correct base. The full line of adjustable bases at Freed’s Fine Furnishings, Furniture Mart, and Ashley Homestore are not the adjustable bases you are thinking belong on hospital beds and in nursing homes. Adjustable bases for mattresses offer a plethora of features and benefits that will help achieve your best night of sleep. By raising your head and feet slightly you relieve pressure points, increase breathing airflow (minimize snoring!!), increase blood flow, reduce acid reflux, and toss and turn less.

Finally, don’t skimp on your pillows. Test drive a full line of specialty pillows at Freed’s Fine Furnishings, Furniture Mart, and Ashley Homestore. The same memory foam, temperature regulating foam, and support found in our mattresses, is also in our pillows.

We have Sleep Specialists at Freed’s Fine Furnishings, Furnture Mart, and Ashley Homestore who can help discuss exactly what you are looking for in a mattress and adjustable base. In addition, we have a Comfort Exchange Guarantee, meaning if you get your mattress home and you are not achieving your best night of sleep, you can exchange it for a different mattress. So, what is there to lose? Invest in your sleep and come snooze with us.